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Modern Medievalisms: The Crusades

This is a reproduction of a unit introduction on Canvas for HON 2210: Modern Medievalisms, a seminar I taught in Clemson’s Honors College in Spring 2022. The course was taught in-person, but because we made extensive use of films, music, television shows, and other media in our exploration of uses and abuses of the medieval period in modern art and thought, I used Canvas to host links and embedded media to facilitate our class discussions. I also provided a complete bibliography for my lectures on each unit’s homepage, to allow students to follow up on the sources I cited.

Week 10 Module–World Literature, Spring 2021

This is a reproduction of a module homepage on Canvas for ENGL 2120: Epic and Empire in the Medieval World, a world literature class I taught in Spring 2021. Because of the COVID pandemic, this course was taught asynchronously online, and to keep my students on track, I recognized that I needed to give clear directions on what was expected of them on a week-to-week basis and make it easy to find the materials they needed. My strategy to accomplish this was to provide a module homepage for each week establishing a reading schedule, due dates for assignments due that week, and ways for students to engage with the material and each other online.

NOTE: Both of these module pages make use of colored banners by April Pelt, from an online course in visual design on Canvas.

Short teaching tools videos–ENGL 1030, Spring 2022

These are short videos that I made as reference tools for my students about using library resources.

A video on using subject-specific library resources, for my ENGL 1030 students
A guide to checking out technology from the libraries, for my ENGL 1030 students

COFFEE Video & Visual Assignments

I created both of these videos as assignments for COFFEE Video & Visual, a course that I took in Spring 2022 through Clemson Online. This course is designed to help instructors create engaging online and video resources for teaching. The assignment for the first video was to create a PowerPoint with narration that aligned with the best practices outlined in the course. The second video is a revised draft; the objective for the initial assignment was to familiarize myself with Camtasia. For the revised draft assignment, the objective was to create a more streamlined version of the video that took advantage of the annotation and effects features in Camtasia.

A video on Cotton Vitellius MS A XV, created for Clemson Online’s COFFEE Video & Visual course Spring 2022

Virtual Field Trips: Using Online Museum Resources

This is the abstract and slideshow that I presented at the 2021 Clemson Teaching Excellence Virtual Conference: Teaching During a Pandemic, in April 2021. The presentation was based on my use of open-access online museum resources as teaching tools for my ENGL 2120 World Literature classes during the pandemic.

Queens and Power in Early England

This is a storymap created using ArcGIS for ENGL 2130: England and the World in Medieval and Early Modern British Literature, a British literature course I taught in Fall 2023. It was introduced in our module on Old English literature, including Beowulf and “The Battle of Brunanburh,” and served as both a supplemental source of historical background and a model for the final research project, in which students had the option of making their own storymaps.