Mapping Out “The Secret History of the Mongols”

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Our goal for this exercise is to take stock of the many characters and events in this text and try to visualize them a bit, to clear up the relationships between them. Toward that end, I’ve posted links to several Jamboards, kind of like Google Docs whiteboards. Pick one of the Jamboards to contribute to, and when you’ve put something on there, drop a comment here to explain what you added or changed on which Jamboard. Feel free to draw, add text, find and add images, whatever you think would be helpful to you in understanding the characters, events, or ideas of The Secret History.

Here are the Jamboards to pick from:

  • Chinggis Qa’an’s supporters
  • Chinggis Qa’an’s opponents
  • Important battles/events
  • Chinggis Qa’an’s family
  • The new social order after Chinggis Qa’an’s victories
  • Main themes and characters/events that illustrate them