Month: November 2022

Teaching, research, and more

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Lies, statistics, and Tableau, or my very short data visualization journey

My dive into the world of Tableau taught me two things: 1) this is a powerful tool for people who use statistics in their work, and 2) I have no idea what I’m doing with it. My troubles began when I opened the sample workbook we were working with in class at the same time…
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Learning the ropes of Palladio

To be 100% frank, when using Palladio, I ran up against a bit of a wall: while all the nodes and edges and such in the readings on network theory made perfectly good sense to me, I had absolutely no idea how that translated into something that a computer could actually read. As a result,…
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Re-learning the ropes of Voyant

So, the tool for this week’s HIST 8500 seminar wasn’t totally new to me–I took an online class through EdX some years ago that spent some time on Voyant Tools. I’ll say that I could approach it with a lot more theoretical understanding this time around, though! I was going to go through a poem…
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